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Car options: which ones are worth overpaying for

Modern cars in terms of technical equipment are very different from their counterparts, which were produced, say, 15-20 years ago. Now there are just a bunch of options that really simplify the life of motorists, especially beginners. Today I picked up the TOP 5 really useful systems, for which, as they say, it is not a sin to overpay. Some I use personally, and others I do not have enough in my car. As usual, there will be a text version + video at the end …

At the very beginning, I would like to note that such banal options as burning the seats, heating the side windows and rear windows, even AUTORUN-we will not consider them, they are now installed on many cars normally. Also, for me, there is almost no difference — 6 is worth speakers or 8, often they work very similarly. I will tell you in my personal opinion only about those options for which it is worth paying extra and they will really simplify your life …


On the one hand, I understand many manufacturers who do not put a heated windshield on their cars, because this is an increase in the price of the model, as well as the replacement of such glass later (if you suddenly caught a stone), costs a pretty penny.

BUT as I believe that in our harsh climate, this is just a necessary additional option that should be installed on all cars.

NO need to disfigure the windshield with various scrapers, cleaning them from ice and snow in the morning. Just press a key, and it will come off by itself in a couple of minutes. Really very convenient.

Another plus in the snowfall, the ice is less formed on the wipers, and the glass also remains clean.

Well, the third plus, for me personally — in the snow or rain, such a heated windshield effectively fights fogging, leaving no trace of it. But a clean windshield is the key to your safety

If possible, pay extra for this option-I advise everyone. However, once again, not all manufacturers have it. Then consider at least heating the area of the wipers, also a cool «thing», although it works less efficiently


I think there is no need to explain what blind spots are, every car has them when you try to change from one side of the road to the other, and the side mirrors may not give a complete picture. Sometimes it happens, like I looked-there were no cars-you turn on the turn, start to change lanes, and at best they start honking at you, at worst you press someone. I didn’T see it! This is the blind spot.

To avoid them now on most cars in the mirrors there are certain indicators that work from the rear parking sensors. This additional option is called blind spot monitoring

The sensors see that a car is coming from the side, and light up the indicator-you can not change lanes!

In very advanced cars, such as KIA, there are cameras in the rear-view mirrors.

When you start to adjust, you have an image on the dashboard, and you have full control of the right or left side! This is really cool and makes life easier for the driver. I believe that this option should be on every car, even if just indicators, especially in large cities


I don’t know how I used to live without it. My car has front and rear parking sensors, as well as an all-around view system. These are just super options

Parking sensors are clear, they show you the approach to the object from the front and back, making sounds, as well as showing graphic symbols. The closer to the object, the more intense the sound

BUT when it works together with the cameras, let me remind you that I have four of them, front-back, also right and left. It’s just SUPER convenient.

You control everything to the centimeter, you can drive up to the curb or to the post, as they say on the cameras. You see everything that happens around the car, no one will run up will not drive up unnoticed. You can also squeeze into a narrow parking space. In general, the simplification of life is 100%. I advise everyone


Then there are the intelligent systems that are increasingly appearing in conventional cars.

This is also the system — automatic parking. Especially highly appreciated by girls who have just passed on the right and they have a fear of driving (by the way, about the mistakes of beginners, I also have an article, who is interested in going here).

So just activate this system on the car, drive past the parking lot, it will see the free space, then you do not need to do anything. Just follow the instructions that the car tells you, usually it is to press the gas pedal, as well as turn on or off the desired gear.

That is, you simply sit and watch the car park itself. Believe me, it’s a very unusual feeling. BUT once again, it’s a simple-a cool option that makes your life as easy as possible


It has a lot of names, but that’s not the point. It appears now on some mass vehicles, and meets the increased traffic of the city

It again works with front and rear parking sensors, sometimes cameras.

In simple words-when you activate this option, it will monitor the distance both from the front and from the back. And if you need to stop the car automatically.

For example, if you leave the parking lot and you don’t see a car coming from the side or an obstacle, it will automatically stop your car.

Either you were gaping when moving forward (distracted for a second), the front car braked sharply, you did not have time to react. The system will automatically stop the car, and it will be possible to avoid an accident.

BUT probably the most important thing is the pedestrians, she also sees them, and stops the car in front of them, even if they ran out on the road, and you did not have time to brake.

As I believe that such safety systems should be in every mass car, because often accidents are committed precisely because of inattention or distraction of the driver for a second or two, for example, by a child.

I know that many people will write to me now — that not all cars have such additional options and systems, some manufacturers are really lagging behind. Others have them in more expensive configurations. But think for yourself, if these systems are installed on your car, then the chance to get into an accident or, God forbid, run over someone decreases many times. And now calculate how much you will repair the car (if your fault), I’m already silent about the hit-and-run. And even experienced drivers with 30 – 40 years of experience make mistakes. BUT even if you have a couple of such systems, they will really simplify your life.

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