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Storage of tires on the balcony: how to do it correctly?

Good day to all. In one article about proper tire storage (link here, go and have a look), I said rubber can’t be stored in open sunlight. So says GOST R 54266-2010, as well as a large number of different companies (which produce tires). What have many of my subscribers started writing to me – and how is this so? After all, they are standing in the car, and they are literally under the sun all day! What’s the joke? I was at the factory of one manufacturer, where I saw how and from what «wheels» are made and got the answer — why the sun destroys them. I think this information will be useful to you as well. As usual, I expect you to support this material in the form of comments. There will also be a video version at the end …

Now many motorists store rubber on the balconies (because there is no other place), but they do it not quite right. They leave them without covers (in extreme cases, packages), and also often, to put it mildly, the temperature regime is not observed. And now for more details …


Technology in the production of tires has long been a step forward. Now the tire can perfectly work out 3-5 seasons without any problems (it all depends on what price category the product is in). It is worth noting that 3-5 seasons is the average, after which the rubber changes. You need to understand, the mileage is also important, someone rolls 100,000 km a year (banal will be erased), and someone only 5000 km!

If your mileage is small, then you can really extend the life of the tire, you just need to follow the rules for their storage and one of the most important parameters is the effect of ultraviolet light on the rubber.

If you leave the rubber under the direct influence of the sun (say, on the balcony), then the tire begins to crumble much faster (elasticity decreases), cracks appear in the tread and side part, which will simply grow over time. Which contributes to the destruction of the tire.

To avoid this during seasonal storage, keep the wheels out of direct sunlight. Store in garages, in utility rooms, in specialized storage areas. If this is not possible-NO! On the balcony you can also store, the main thing is to do it correctly:

Another mistake to store in transparent packages! If you still buy packages, let them be white, so that the sun’s rays will be reflected

As a result, if the tire is stored incorrectly, it takes you 3 to 5 seasons, then most likely you will face the destruction of the tread. With proper storage, you can add at least 3 years to the operation


The tire is not uniform in production. Initially, the so-called «green tire» is made (it is soft and more susceptible to ultraviolet light). It is already covered with a protector, and then baked in special forms.

Ideally, the inside is always in the dark when you have it mounted to the disk, or when it is stored correctly. BUT if you leave it under the sun, it is the inner part that will begin to crumble faster and lose elasticity, which will lead to the rapid destruction of the rubber


If you store tires in direct sunlight, say on the same balcony. THEN they are banally heated. And very much so. After all, the black color perfectly absorbs sunlight.

And what does the same GOST indicate to us again? That you can NOT heat the rubber to high temperatures! This threatens-deformation. That is why you need to store at least a meter away from heating devices

Imagine a situation where you have a stack of wheels, say, without wheels on the balcony. The sun «hammers» in the window, they warm up and under the weight of other tires can be banally deformed. Maybe not much, but the fact remains

Especially harmful is the high temperature and the active sun affects winter tires, because there the rubber compound is softer and it holds high temperatures worse.

In conclusion-ideal storage in dark, preferably not hot rooms. This will give them an additional resource (add +2, + 3 or even more years to operation).

If there is simply no such possibility. You only have a balcony, follow the simple rules:

Covers the tires with either a cloth, or we put them in white bags (which do not pass light, but reflect it)
Do not allow overheating from the sun, this can cause deformation
Ideally, make some kind of box or box, where to put them



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